If you own many trees on your property, you might see it as a nuisance sometimes. Needing to maintain every tree, seeing pests that rustle around, and raking several leaves for several times annually could be exasperating at some point. But, the trees within your community that surrounds your residence benefit the environment in many ways. Here are some of what trees can offer to our environment: 

Trees supply food 

Particularly, apple trees could supply approximately 20 fruit bushels annually and could be possibly be planted even on the tiniest residential properties.  

Trees supply for wildlife 

As we all know, trees are the homes of several types of birds and some small creatures and give shelter and food for them. 

Trees help avoid water pollution 

A tree could minimize runoff and stop stormwater from transporting various contaminants into our oceans, lakes, and rivers by stopping rainfall and letting water to penetrate into the ground through its trunk. 

Trees give privacy 

Tall trees are the best natural barriers if your property does not have a high barricade between you and a place of business or your neighbor. This enables you to have the privacy you want within your property. 

Trees boost your property value 

Landscaping additions and trees that are properly planted incorporate natural aesthetic to the property. This could help boost your property value by the time you decide to place it on the market. 

Trees indicate the season 

A lot of trees, aside from evergreens, have various appearances that depend on the time of the year, enabling your home to own a distinct look every season. 

Trees give out cleaner air 

As most of us are aware of, trees are highly beneficial since it provides oxygen. However, they filter out particles and soak up pollutant gases with their leaves and bark. 

Trees combat the greenhouse effect.  

Trees release oxygen and store carbon dioxide back out into the air as they absorb carbon dioxide.  

Trees offer shade 

The tree’s canopy could provide you a shady place so that you can relax. Moreover, trees could aid to stop the sun from giving off hazardous rays in your property.  

Trees can calm you 

Research claims that those individuals who are sick or those who have regular mental fatigue heal rapidly once they are exposed to trees compared to those who don’t/ 

Trees help save energy 

If your property is surrounded by trees, your house will get less direct sunlight. Meaning, you could restrict your utility usage of utility. Also, you won’t need your HVAC system often to make your home cool. 

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